What are customers are saying:

Our goal is to get you up and surfing in your first experience on the water.  We provide all the needed equipment for surfing. If you are a wakeboarder you can bring your own equipment and enjoy the fun.  If you want we can also arrange to rent other boards from a local shop.

Call or Email for more details.  

email: surf@wake-surf.ca and 1-416-473-3447

Wakesurfing or Wakeboarding

We use a MasterCraft X20 with a 380HP engine.  The boat is setup to allow for quick change from one side to the other.  Complete with the wakesurfing system the boat also has 3 ballast tanks to increase weight and wave size.  It can easily hold you and 5 other friends.  Bring your sound track as the boat is outfitted to keep you energized

This is not just a young persons sport.  The boat runs between 10-14 MPH.   The idea of falling and hitting the water hard is not an issue like wakeboarding or water skiing.  The key is balance and the better you are at balancing the better and easier it will be to surf.