Wake Surf Boards

This is the Connelly Benz. The Benz is a hybrid board that gives you both the skim and carving styles in one board. The two outside fins can be removed leaving you with an amazing skim board. With the extra fins in place you have an amazing carving board. Lots of traction on the top for your feet.

This is the Connelly Big Easy. The Big Easy is designed for carving and is for lets say the larger sized adult. It has been used by all different sized people but for me being over 210 pounds at my largest point it was a dream to ride. This is the board that got me hooked on wakesurfing.

This is an O'Brien Nalu skim board. This is a really good all round board for starting with. Good for up to 200 pounds. This is a perfect board for doing 360's and is a good place to start off.