The Boat

The MasterCraft X20

The MasterCraft X20 was built specifically for Surfing. This 20 foot boat comes in at 4800 pounds dry. It can hold 2000 pounds of water in the built in ballasts. It is designed to hold 12 people but I find 8 is comfortable.

It has the MasterCraft GEN 2 Surf System. This is a mixture of the Ballasts and the plates on the back that allow you to create the perfect wave on either side of the boat or to flip from one side to the other as your surfing. This is not done via the ballast but the adjustable plates on the back of the boat. So no overloading the weight on one side or the other. No long waits to change from one rider to another rider.

This boat is loaded with speakers and is ready to connect to your bluetooth device.

The boat has several spots to store boards and we can carry as many as 8 boards out with us.

To top this all off we have added a end of day or early morning light package. The first set of lights comes down from the tower and then under the back water deck are two sets of underwater lights. This is an amazing view when your in low light conditions.

If you want to learn more about the GEN 2 surf system this you tube video is a good place to start.